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Project Description Owner Last Change
cleg.git VERY simple blog software qorg 4 weeks ago
cmus.el.git Very simple interface to cmus qorg 5 months ago
dotfiles.git my dotfiles... qorg 13 days ago
ebin-tor.git like torbrowser-launcher, with the only difference that it works qorg 7 days ago
emaks.git qorg's Emacs configuration qorg 3 days ago
gitweb.git Gitweb config used in qorg 3 months ago
guestbook.git Simple guestbook written in perl root 4 weeks ago
k9core.git Coreutils for *nix operating systems qorg 2 weeks ago
kill9.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. qorg 7 days ago
lainposting.git Lain picture bot for twitter qorg 10 months ago
lainsafe.git Simple file upload. qorg 2 weeks ago
mutt-wizard.git A system for automatically configuring mutt and isync with a simple interface and safe passwords qorg 4 months ago
psyche.git Implementation of @LayerPsyche qorg 8 months ago
qorgboot.git Coreboot made easy qorg 6 months ago
sic.git simple irc client qorg 6 months ago
st.git st but with christian colors qorg 6 months ago
suckless-tools.git My configuration for some suckless tools qorg 6 months ago
wiredchan.git site client and games qorg 5 months ago