Attempt of client of Pleroma (It may work with mastodon as well, but haven\’t tried) written in C because i\’m criminally insane

How to use

Demiurge highly uses the UNIX philosophy

./demiurge -s "Hello this is a status" -v "unlisted" # Post "Hello
# this is a status" with the unlisted schope

./demiurge -F "filename.jpg" -s "ebin maymay :DDD" # Post "ebin
# maymay" with "filename.jpg" attatched, the file description will be
# the same as the filename.

for file in *.jpg; do ./demiurge -F $file -s "sbammin :DD"; done # Posts
# all jpgs files in different statuses
cat /etc/passwd | ./demiurge # Posts the output of /etc/passwd

demiurge is a tool to make fedi bots using shell scripts rather than a client you\’d use. For example:

export x=$(curl https://some-website.tld)
./demiurge -s "current weather: $x"


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Dendy, who wrote the Code reference