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masterFill the all the buf with \0qorg113 months
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2022-05-19Fill the all the buf with \0HEADmasterqorg111-1/+2
2022-05-18logger() NULL terminates the string and added a flag to choose what user will...qorg112-8/+13
2022-05-16read_from_socks() terminates strings with NULL and removed warning from sigte...qorg111-2/+10
2022-05-16Updated readme because it was obsolete.qorg111-4/+4
2022-05-15Added licenseqorg111-0/+13
2022-05-15Hopefully the lastqorg111-1/+1
2022-05-15Fuck's sakeqorg111-4/+1
2022-05-15Updated makefileqorg111-1/+6
2022-05-15Added install rule to makefileqorg111-0/+3
2022-05-15Fixed makefile :^)+qorg111-1/+1