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* moved non coreutils programs to a nonuserland folder since they areqorg112020-08-222-0/+73
* Better style and stuff to uname.cqorg112020-08-211-16/+17
* In GNU's uname(1) if you pass no arguments it prints the kernel nameqorg112020-08-211-3/+12
* Added uname, works but probably not as it should, initial commit forqorg112020-08-211-0/+49
* added chrootqorg112020-08-121-0/+15
* im stupidqorg112020-08-121-1/+1
* added cat the posix -u flag which is uselessqorg112020-08-121-6/+8
* Improved makefileqorg112020-08-092-14/+43
* added a bunch of programsqorg112020-08-083-0/+32
* added groupsqorg112020-08-081-0/+27
* lmaoqorg112020-08-071-0/+0
* Added logname.cqorg112020-08-071-0/+8
* tty(1), which prints the name of the teletypewriter you're using.qorg112020-08-071-0/+9
* improved sleep by using usleep() instead of sleep()qorg112020-08-071-3/+4
* add syncqorg112020-08-071-0/+8
* added ernno thingsqorg112020-08-068-17/+25
* im a bit dumb you knowqorg112020-08-051-5/+4
* lolqorg112020-08-051-6/+1
* i kinda hate posix because -n, but there it isqorg112020-08-051-5/+24
* added headqorg112020-08-051-0/+37
* modified kill.c so doesn't use getopt (which in this caseqorg112020-08-021-3/+6
* sleepqorg112020-08-021-0/+15
* execqorg112020-08-021-0/+15
* Almost done wcqorg112020-07-301-12/+15
* somebody pls fix flags and stdinqorg112020-07-301-25/+28
* Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:call-cc/k9core into masterqorg112020-07-293-6/+6
| * improve ls (make it look cleaner)Marie2020-07-283-6/+6
* | added flags to wcqorg112020-07-291-23/+36
* What the fuck is thisqorg112020-07-281-8/+44
* added errno to ln.cqorg112020-07-281-24/+26
* idk whats this git told me isnt' staged so hre's your commitqorg112020-07-281-0/+1
* Edited some stuff in wc and mvqorg112020-07-282-3/+7
* Fixed shredqorg112020-07-251-4/+4
* use stat() instead of a own function to count bytes.qorg112020-07-251-20/+4
* Added shredqorg112020-07-241-0/+55
* Added unlink, not really sure of that this do but well here it isqorg112020-07-231-0/+21
* less bad mvqorg112020-07-211-20/+14
* yeah so now the thing closes the file descriptorsqorg112020-07-212-2/+3
* cp now supports binary data and touch.c uses the sanerqorg112020-07-202-19/+12
* fprintf in mount.cqorg112020-07-131-1/+1
* Better errnoqorg112020-07-133-4/+5
* added id.c.qorg112020-07-081-0/+26
* -f flag for umount.c (now we use umount2 though)qorg112020-07-081-1/+10
* lolqorg112020-07-081-1/+1
* Added stuff to mount.cqorg112020-07-081-2/+19
* Better whoamiqorg112020-07-081-2/+4
* Mount and whoamiqorg112020-07-082-0/+36
* added umountqorg112020-07-081-0/+18
* I just do a prototype of mkdir -p that does not work because it doesqorg112020-07-081-4/+27
* Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:call-cc/k9coreqorg112020-06-201-3/+2