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+# Blockchain sucks
+For some reason I don't understand many people started to think that
+"Web3 is the future", "blockchain is going to solve all your
+problems", "blockchain is going to give us privacy..."
+## But what is blockchain?
+A blockchain is a (an append only) glorified [Linked
+list](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linked_list), in which, to insert
+something, you have to pay rent to some "miner".
+## But it's decentralizated!
+No, it is not, everyone has the same blockchain, if someone decides
+that you are an idiot, the fact that you're an idiot will be
+replicated on all the nodes, which is no different from going banning
+you from a Minecraft server. What is decentralizated is the idiocy of
+Also, it is not decentralizated: [This
+website](https://www.bitcoinera.app/arewedecentralizedyet/#) shows the
+stats for cryptocurrency decentralization.
+## But is going to give us privacy!
+1. Get my bitcoin address (bc1q59t6z2lqdve7tfu3nc56dkh9djvpzpxllwyek6)
+2. Paste it in <https://blockstream.info> (Bitcoin's blockchain explorer)
+3. There you have every transaction I have ever made, how much money i
+ have and shit.
+There is no way to delete something from a blockchain, once it was
+recorded, it is going to be there until the last node on earth powers
+itself off.
+## But you can't censor anything on a blockchain!
+Even is that was true, [I2P](https://i2p.net),
+[Freenet](https://freenetproject.org), and many other project, can
+accomplish the same without blockchains and shit.
+## But we can have personal websites with the .eth thing!
+Neocities exist, and you can do exactly the same thing (and, again, in
+a sane way, with [I2P](http://geti2p.net/en/faq#addresses))
+## But information can be stored eternally in the blockchain
+We already had bittorrent, a protocol in which, to participate, you
+don't have to fetch the entire blockchain.
+## Conclusion
+I don't expect any cryptobro to understand half of this article.
+## Further reading
+* [Today on Sick Sad World: How The Cryptobros Have
+* [The Web3 fraud](https://www.jwz.org/blog/2022/01/the-web3-fraud/)
+* [This Tw\*tt\*r account](https://nitter.snopyta.org/CoinersTakingLs)