IPFS harmful, things in C and certificate authority and fixed typo in matrix
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Also removed the syntax highlighting in sicp.md

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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ The preprocessor
 Thank you for making me understand why I got a segfault![^1]
 int sum(int a, int b) {
  return a + b;
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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ shill, you get this:
 Browser may say that the website is insecure and shit, but it isn't:
 the connection is still **perfectly** secure between you and the
 server. Or even stronger, since self signed certs can be whatever you
-want, RSA8192, ECC512, you name it. 
+want, RSA8192, ECC512, you name it.
 I trust more **my friend's** signature than some random corporation,
 who got their signature *hardcoded* in browsers.
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+# ipfs sucks
+So, i run `ipfs daemon` in my terminal, and it told me to go to
+, okay, there i go
+And i got this
+<img src="1608200269.png" alt="ipfsucks" width=300 />
+After 30 minutes of debugging what was happening, i discovered that
+IPFS checks the connection... using javascript
+also weird javascript, because i went to the same website in chromium
+and i got this:
+<img src="1608200332.png" alt="ipfsucks" width=300 />
+Why does your web interface need esoteric JS to check if a daemon is
+running? jesus
+The IPFS web interface is completely unusable if the daemon "isn't
+# Alternatives
+freenet, dunno
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@@ -50,8 +50,8 @@ What else do I have to say?
 | blank                | XMPP                     | Matrix                            |
 | Open protocol?       | Yes                      | Yes but no                        |
-| Commercialn project? | No                       | New Vector develops Element       |
-| Encryption           | OMEMO, OTR, PGP          | OLM                               |
+| Commercial project?  | No                       | New Vector develops Element       |
+| Encryption           | OMEME, OTR, PGP          | OLM                               |
 | Monopoly Network?    | Many servers and clients | Most users use Element+Matrix.org |
 # BTW, how the fuck do I setup a fucking Matrix server?
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@@ -4,16 +4,16 @@ This is a good book which teaches you the basics of programming: data abstractio
 SICP uses the [standarized Scheme programming language](https://kill-9.xyz/harmful/software/scheme) which is a simple programming language
-<pre style='color:#d1d1d1;'><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span>define <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span>square <nspan style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>*</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span> <span style='color:#b060b0; '>;</span><span style='color:#b060b0; '>;</span> A simple       function             
+(define (square x) (* x x)) ;; A simple    function             
-<span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span>define   <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span>fact <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span> <span style='color:#b060b0; '>;</span><span style='color:#b060b0; '>;</span> A simple recursive function              
-    <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span><span style='color:#e66170; font-weight:bold; '>if</span>    <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>=</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span> <span style='color:#00a800; '>1</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span>                                              
-       <span style='color:#00a800; '>1</span>                                                    
-       <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>*</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span>fact <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>(</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>-</span> <span style='color:#d2cd86; '>x</span> <span style='color:#00a800; '>1</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span><span style='color:#d2cd86; '>)</span>                               
+(define    (fact x) ;; A simple recursive function              
+    (if (= x 1)                                              
+        1                                                    
+    (* x (fact (- x 1)))))
-This book is easy to understand provided you aren't a complete brainlet and know the most basic high school maths.
+This book is easy to understand provided you aren't a complete
+brainlet and know the most basic high school maths.
 You can read SICP [here](https://vxempire.xyz/sicp)