2020-09-05 qorg11Note to JS
2020-09-02 qorg11go harmful!
2020-09-01 qorg11renamed element to matrix
2020-08-31 qorg11Added a radical server comparision
2020-08-28 qorg11Matrix, Element, uhhh, however it is called
2020-08-26 qorg11lol whatever i've done
2020-08-25 qorg11I hate js
2020-08-25 qorg11JS still sucks!
2020-08-21 qorg11citation to http
2020-08-21 qorg11Added a paragraph to signal and something about html
2020-08-21 qorg11added information on snap
2020-08-13 qorg11added stuff
2020-08-07 qorg11Added css code to firefox so it hides the sidebar header
2020-07-31 qorg11some words on elisp
2020-07-31 qorg11uhh idk
2020-07-28 qorg11Added alternatives to systemd
2020-07-28 qorg11Added a glossary and more things to systemd
2020-07-21 qorg11whoops
2020-07-20 qorg11Added what's harmful about some forums
2020-07-16 qorg11Fixed typo
2020-07-16 qorg11added xmpp to rocks (it does)
2020-07-15 qorg11fix reddit spacing
2020-07-15 qorg11added c-sharp
2020-07-11 qorg11added code of conduct
2020-07-06 qorg11I'm a spanish man
2020-07-06 qorg11oh my zsh harmful and information on RSS feed
2020-07-05 qorg11added quote to c++
2020-07-02 qorg11fixed typo lol
2020-07-01 qorg11No botnet
2020-07-01 qorg11Pacman and added a bunch of crap to perl
2020-06-28 qorg11idk what i've done tbh
2020-06-21 qorg11Fixed cleg link
2020-06-19 qorg11religion harmful
2020-06-17 qorg11edited c++ index
2020-06-12 qorg11More in the harmful table
2020-06-12 qorg11systemd.
2020-06-08 call-ccAdd on to
2020-06-08 qorg11Only god knows what i did
2020-06-03 call-ccAdd more stuff to the harmful/software/index page
2020-06-01 qorg11Changed emacs description
2020-05-30 qorg11Clojure indeed suck
2020-05-30 call-ccFrames commit
2020-05-30 call-ccAdd credits
2020-05-29 usernameAdd more stuff. See the commit info, i'm lazy
2020-05-29 qorg11Cleaned common lisp code in index and fixed email address
2020-05-29 qorg11Added stuff to python and index
2020-05-29 qorg11Merge branch 'add-php' into 'master'
2020-05-29 June McIntyreAdd php article
2020-05-27 qorg11Harmful software table
2020-05-26 qorg11Added stuff to C
2020-05-26 qorg11Information about modifying the website without using git
2020-05-25 qorg11Modified and removed gnome.html (what was...
2020-05-25 qorg11I can't even remember which license i use.
2020-05-25 qorg11index for harmful/software
2020-05-25 qorg11Merge branch 'master' of
2020-05-25 qorg11Added information for BSDs and fixed some typos
2020-05-25 qorg11Agregar LICENSE
2020-05-25 qorg11Merge pull request #2 from qorg11/test
2020-05-25 qorg11Added a bunch of things
2020-05-25 qorg11Merge pull request #1 from amenpunk/vim-post
2020-05-25 amenpunk[MOV] the correct path..
2020-05-25 amenpunkdude, vim is awesome trust me
2020-05-24 qorg11Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
2020-05-24 call-ccchange init.el to config file
2020-05-24 qorg11Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
2020-05-24 qorg11Emacs stuff
2020-05-24 call-ccAdd Practical Work in Emacs + Other Updates
2020-05-24 qorg11Bunch of things
2020-05-18 qorg11added /harmful/society/
2020-05-13 qorg11Gitlab better
2020-05-12 qorg11Initial commit