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masterAdded (sort of) tab completion (could be better), if someone knows how to use...qorg119 months
v0.1peertube-cli-0.1.tar.gz  peertube-cli-0.1.tar.bz2  peertube-cli-0.1.tar.zst  qorg119 months
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2021-11-22Added (sort of) tab completion (could be better), if someone knows how to use...HEADmasterqorg111-6/+29
2021-11-18Added documentation directly in the script rather than a manpageqorg112-38/+39
2021-11-18Add short argumentsqorg111-4/+4
2021-11-17Add option and flag to pass flags to the video playerqorg112-4/+11
2021-11-17Added the GPL copypasta to the main fileqorg111-1/+14
2021-11-17Updated manpageqorg111-0/+13
2021-11-16Renamed peertube-cli.pl to peertube-cliv0.1qorg111-0/+0
2021-11-11Print help message if not a number or a command givenqorg111-1/+8
2021-11-08Apparently fixed but mpv takes a while to loadqorg111-3/+2
2021-11-08trying to fix videos that don't play (according to Chocobozzz in irc this hap...qorg111-45/+56